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MMT+ 1.0.8 has new "feature" ;) For SeaMonkey 2.0.2 under WinXPPro SP3 PL, when I hit MS-key + d-key (shortcut for "show pulpit" command) windows of "Browser" and "Mail & Newsgroups" changes sizes (after "re-show") like for that button between "_" and "X". Is it bug or maybe it's just "something" in configuration?

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I know what is causing this, it is an unfortunate side effect of one of my other bug fixes. I am trying to find something that works better (does not have this problem) but it is proving difficult.

This effects all applications on all versions of windows. Though only a few people will experience it, I have not been able to reproducing it, till now. It happens consistently when pressing the option + d keys in Sea Monkey, so I should now be able to debug it properly. I will post back once I have it fixed.

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