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After installation of Minimize-to-tray v1.0.7 in Thunderbird I minimized TB and an icon appears in the Systray.
Fine - so far.

But when I look into the context menu of this icon in Systray of TB I found TWO entries:

- Close Thunderbird
- Exit Quick Launch

This is very confusing. I don't know exactly what for this operation is good for.
I clicked accidentially sometimes "Exit Quick Launch" and got strange behaviour.

I urgently suggest to simply setup a "Close Thunderbird".
That's it.

Double click or selecting "Restore TB" should restore TB window.
That is sufficient.

The latest version of this extension is 1.0.8 in case your not aware.

You will only see the "Exit Quick Launch" if you have some how selected to always show the tray icon. It allows you to remove it. I take your point seriously though. The next version of the extension will focus mainly on better Thunderbird integration and streamline the user experience, and I will be looking at issues like this one.

If you have any other feedback that I can use for the next release that is welcome.

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