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This is a definite Must Have to get around slow Firefox start-ups in Win.
But flickers in a loop between tray icon and a three icon box in upper left of desktop.
This as Desktop Icons go crazy in a refresh-like loop.
Can get this behavior to stop after repeatedly clicking on FF Tray Icon.

Has this been tested in Win98se?
Everything unchecked in "MinimizeToTray".
First 2 items checked in "Minimize To Tray Enhancer".
Latest versions of both as of 070826.
Blue minimize arrow has been placed in taskbar.

"Minimize To Tray Enhancer" does the same thing with just the first option checked.
And the three icon box in upper left of desktop was just an instance of FF sized very small.


No I have never tested it in Windows 98, as I don't have a Win98 computer to do it with. The flicker is actually a bug MinimizeToTray, you can see it in its experimental Turbo mode. The Flicker should stop 1 second after Firefox has fully loaded, I don't think clicking the icon has anything to do with it.

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