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Kmail and kopete have tray icons too, but with more functionality. The tray icons are ever visible. I can it use to:
- restore the programs from tray
- make it visible (it was not minimized, only not visible because not on top)
- minimize the programms (only if visible) to tray
Additionally it display the count of new messages.
I whish this was possible for Thunderbird too.
Thunderbird can also have an icon that is permanently visible. Just in my extension it is a setting that must be turned on. Check its options window.

It can already restore Thunderbird from the tray or make it visible if it is not. It can't minimize it if visible by clicking the tray icon yet, I will put that into a future release.

I am looking into displaying the message count for new messages as well. I have not decided how I will do it, if at all yet.

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