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Ok, I installed MinimizedtoTray Plus in Thunderbird.

When I minimized TB now it works fine.

However as I found out the context menu of the TB systray icon contains now an entries:

- Exit QuickLaunch

Hmm, what for is this? Which program is exiting quicklaunch?
Minimizetosystrayplus ? No! I never installed it to QL bar.

So what else ?

The Quick Launch is the icon in the system tray that is permanently visible regardless of whither the window is visible or not if you either open Thunderbird using the -turbo flag, have the always show icon setting enabled, or Thunderbird was opened from the "start with windows" feature.

It was a name chosen by the original MinimizeToTray developers, I have never thought of something better so I never changed it. I will freely admit it is a terrible name.

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