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I really like MinimizeToTray 1.0.5 and was using it with no problems with Sunbird 0.9, but when I upgraded to 1.0Pre, I get the subject error. You can find more details here.

Also - I have a question about:

Known Bugs
* when opening Sunbird in turbo mode, no alarms will show

I am new to Sunbird, but the whole reason for using MTT for me was so at startup, Sunbird would load minimized and I would see my alarms at the requested times.

If in fact MTT does not allow this in Turbo mode, is there any mode in which it does allow this - or do you know of any other option (SunTray, TrayIt), that might allow this???

Thanks in advance!!!!
I can't really help you right now. I just have too many assignments I have to get finished and submitted for UNI. It is approaching the end of semester and things are just going flat out.

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No problem - if you could take a look at it after finals, I'd appreciate it. I tried versions of SB from May to October, so it's not a new issue ...

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