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The extenstion's awesome and nice integration, one option i would love to see is a tickbox in options not to display the popup menu on left-click so that user can just click the icon in urlbar and be able to paste the tiny url. for me that's quite essential.

santa claus wishes include saving a list of generated urls with their source urls and "lighting up" the icon if a tiny url is available for this url (or has just been generated). that's more cosmetics tho.
The next version does not have the popup at all (I found it too annoying). I tried to stream line the whole thing a bit. It has a bug though, so it did not get onto I will rectify that as soon as I finish of some work I am doing on another extension.

There will eventually, a long way down the track, be ways to save lists of urls.

I don't see the need for the "lighting up" effect. If the url does not exist, it soon will, so does it matter? It would also be an added load to the server.

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