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I'd like to have an extension that works like ImgLikeOpera, because it isn't working anymore, the "Load Image" isn't in the context/right click menu. For dial up users, this is frustrating to have lots of images on a website load, but you might just want to see one at a time. Browsing the web without any images at all is frustrating, the "view image" context/right click option is too much trouble, opening the image in a 'different' page, then you have to backspace to the page you were on. I'd like the ability to resize large images, if possible. Please make an extension that works for Firefox 3+..

Hopefully that was clear, hard to explain things when you're not computer literate much..

Thanks In Advance!
Not interested in creating new extension at this time, as I have spread myself too thin as it is. New button to my Toolbar Buttons extension, yes as long as they are simple/self contained. New extensions, no.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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