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I really like your MinimizeToTray Enhancer, but I'm searching for something that makes it possible to receive mails in real time (live), or at least almost in real time.
Would be awesome to integrate such a feature in your enhancer, dunno if it's possible though.
I'm talking about Thunderbird of course.
it is likely a setting in about:config
such a feature would would slow your page load time down
unless you have a super fast internet service
@Michael when replay could you tell me if there is a way to have it not randomly ask me for my password for an account (it remembers it) it gets annoying when you end up typing over your password
Well I didn't mean that it should send a request to the server like all the time.
I want a live connection, kinda like an instant messenger.
The closest thing you can do is set Thunderbird to check every minute for new emails. It is in the account settings somewhere. You can't do a live connection, non of the protocols used for connecting to mail servers support that.

No I don't. It is a bug of some kind.

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Okay I thought there would be such a protocol maybe.
I've already set it to 1min...

Thanks for the help ;)

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