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I've searched for two extension that i badly need but with no success. I need them so much that i may take on learning tunderbird extension building. I need them so much that i may take on learnig javscript to make tnderbird extensions.

One need is the group reply, mainly select a couple o read emails and reply a common message to them (it ill taketh emaill adresses and create one email with the same message for each one of them then send it).

Another need is a button with "Forward with Reply-to" that forwards the email to a given adress but also completes the "reply-to" header with the original sender's adress, mailny opens teh forward window but also completes th e "reply-to" tag with the original sender's email adress (if the rply-to tag has info then leav it alone - in case the email is bounced from oleague t coleague).

Does anyone know of extensions or may take the endeavor to create them ?
Well I have not desire or the time to create such extensions. I don't actually like playing with that particular aspect of Thunderbird either.

If your looking for a place to start the huge endeavorer or learning yourself you can't go past

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