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Is it possible to increase the number of closed tabs the addon can store?

At the moment the maximum number of stored tabs is only 10.
I know there's an option to change that number, but when i increase that number till 25 there are still only 10 tabs visible and when i enter a number higher than 25 the addon doesn't work any longer (shows an empty box when you press the addon button).

If you can increase that number it might be an idea the decrease the space between the lines so you can see more tabs on the dropdown menu.

Before Firefox 57 i used an option in Tab Mix Plus to do this and i had set the maximum number to 40 (where the button dropdown menu almost reached the bottom of my Firefox window).

I hope it isn't too much work to add these changes to the addon. It's something i really miss since i switched to Firefox Quantum some weeks ago.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your addon(s).
I thought I had released the fix for this, maybe I forgot. But you are never going to get past 25 tabs or so, it is a hard limit now imposed on extensions by Firefox. Not the answer you want to hear, but the post Firefox 57 extension system is kind of restrictive.

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