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Hi Michael,

Thanks for Toolbar Buttons. I used it for years with Firefox, which I've now dumped, and have been using it happily with the two browsers from Moonchild Productions, PaleMoon and Basilisk.

The buttons work absolutely perfectly on Basilisk, but there's a little cosmetic problem on one button (Page Fonts) in PaleMoon. (Maybe I should mention here that I always have my browser customization set to "text" mode, as well as the fact that I use the 64-bit browser versions.)

Anyway, I won't go in to the cosmetic problem here because it's not so bad. However, I'd like to bring something to your attention that looks like it's about to break Toolbar Buttons in PaleMoon.

Besides the PaleMoon release version (currently 27.9.4) on which the buttons work ok, I also use the latest "portable unstable" version (28.0.0b4 of 20.07.2018), which is the "beta" version. In the progression from PaleMoon 27 to the upcoming 28, changes have been made to the backend that are somehow conflicting with Toolbar Buttons.

This is, briefly, what happens on the beta: When I open the browser, the size of the window from the previous session is lost. The newly opened browser window appears to have a random size that's (almost) always bigger than when it closed. Furthermore, both the top and the sides of the window (though the problem is usually the vertical, i.e. the height) frequently extend beyond the edges of my 27-inch monitor.

I urge you to, please, read this posting by Moonchild (the owner of PaleMoon) on the PaleMoon Forum:

Next, would you kindly have a look at a thread I initiated about the problem on the PM Forum:

Or if you'd like to get to the direct discussion of relevance to Toolbar Buttons, it begins here:

As I've written, so far the problem is restricted to the PaleMoon beta. I assume this will change, though, with the bump to the PM release version 28. I don't know when this is scheduled.

Thank you for your attention.

Toolbar Buttons: New Window, New Tab, Minimum Font Size, and Page Fonts on Pale Moon x64 - 27.9.4 & 28.0.0b4 (unstable/portable - 2018-07-20) and Basilisk - 2018.07.18 x64 / Win7 SP-1 x64 (English) Thanks Michael.
I would not be surprised if it is something to do with the terrible hacks I had to do it make it work in both Palemoon and Firefox at the same time (which make sense before Firefox 57). I will be removing them in the next update, it has just taken me a long time to get around to this. You could test if that solution works by using the Custom Button Maker:

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Wonderful extension, thanks! I'll add a few buttons that do not work with Pale Moon (current version, 28.0.1). Most work fine.

Change Dictionary: it reports "Empty" although dictionaries are installed
Inspector: nothing happens, Inspect Element does not open
Add-on Preferences: nothing happens

Also, Toolbar Buttons interferes with the main Pale Moon window size upon browser startup (PM does not remember its previous state/size).

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