Revise the Initial Draft
Try to established aside your draft for a working day or two before revising. This makes it easier to see your deliver the results objectively and see any gaps or problems.
Revising involves rethinking your ideas, refining your arguments, reorganizing paragraphs, and rewording sentences. You may demand to establish your ideas in a whole lot more detail, give way more evidence to help your statements, or delete material that is definitely unnecessary. For a lot more advice on revising and also a sample revision, click right here .
Study your paper out loud. This now and again makes it easier to identify creating that could be awkward or unclear.
Have somebody else check out the paper and tell you if there's anything that's unclear or confusing.
Proofread the Final Draft
Appear for careless errors these kinds of as misspelled words and incorrect punctuation and capitalization .
Errors are harder to spot over a computer screen than on paper. Those that type your paper over a computer, print out a copy to proofread. Remember, spell checkers and grammar checkers don't always catch errors, so it is top rated not to rely on them too a lot of.