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Those counters are cool! Thanks for doing that.

I have a couple questions on the URI format(s). The sfx URI is something like: and the stb link is something like:

- I assume the first number (200351 & 35) is your affiliate ID. What is the second (t=218 & 10) number for? Is it the button number? Is it necessary? Are your counters actually 218 and 10 respectively, or are those random choices?

- Now appears to be generating link code like: Should we use that code w/ your JavaScript? still generates link code as in your counters, so should stb buttons have '' or use etc.? What's the difference?

A lot of questions, I know. I have looked for answers on-line, but found nothing. I figured you may know the answers, or where to look, and I thank you for any response.

- dcp
I think the second number is the button. They are just what ever the code was on the button I was using at the time. I think they could be removed. But for a few characters I don't really care.

SpreadThunderbird is not as tightly related to Mozilla as SpreadFirefox it. I believe Mozilla own SpreadFirefox but not SpreadThunderbird. Though most of the people involved are the same. Same person designed both sites for example. I don't think the from=stb is going to work, yet.

It does not really matter what link you use, I like it when you leave mine in. You can use a direct link to or your own sfx link. Anything works; even

Here is a post I tried to add to your forum and got: 'You are banned from this forum. The administrator or moderator that banned you left the following message: Banned by Akismet. Please direct any inquiries to the forum administrator at :censored:.' I thought I answered the 'are you human' question correctly.

You would have answered to "You are Human" question right. But bots have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right too, in fact they have got it right thousands of times. Once you get past that I check for "bad words" that bots often use, and I would not want on my forms anyway. Then finally I pass it thought Akismet (created by WordPress) and it has blocked almost 1500 posts. Normally have a quick scan over the message titles. Never seen anything that looks slightly relevant before.

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