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First of all - love this little extension. I've found a few of the features it provides to save me literally hours of work. Thanks! :)
I do seem to have a problem getting the copy e-mail button to work in Thunderbird. I have TB version (20070809) installed with Toolbar Buttons After downloading/installing the copyemail button via the TB buttons section here it doesn't appear under Customize Toolbar (altho I see it installed under TB extensions) for some reason and when I create the button with the Button Maker and install it it does appear there and can be added to the toolbar but when copy-pasting with it it doesn't give any content for some reason :(
The reason why I'd love to get this thing working is the fact that I have to process hundreds of e-mails daily (most of them with 20+ recipients) and have to send the e-mails back using our helpdesk system. So I'm basically copy-pasting the e-mail addresses from TB on by one atleast an hour every day (and I'm not the only one in the company doing that) :).

Any help would be most appreciated.


PS: The copyemail button does copy all the CC'ed e-mail addresses to the clipboard?:)
I am aware of problems with this button, I once remove it because of that. But was forced to put it back again after quite a few emails. I just wrote myself a note to look into it again, I know what needs to be done to fix it. When I get some time I will sort this out for you.

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