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I have the following two suggestions for the Sunbird version of this add-on (which works really well for version 0.9 on my XP install):

1. Date Icon
If this option is ticked, the Sunbird icon in the system tray is changed to an icon that shows the number of the day. I've used several other calendar programs and find this more handy than an abstract icon.

2. Extra Context Options
In addition to the "Restore Window" and "Close Window" options that appear when you right-click the Sunbird icon in the system tray, you could also add "New Event", "New Task" and "Options" entries. That way you could add either without opening the main window.
1) Not keen on adding specialized options for just Sunbird. Would want to see several people ask for it before I would start working on it.

2) Had many requests like that before, and the answer is no. Adding "New Event" & and "New Task" for Sunbird and "Compose" for Thunderbird has some merit. But adding "Options" or others that I have been asked for is heading in the direction of bloatware which I really want to ovoid.

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