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You are missing one for the obvious (facebook)
The missing "Open New Tab" button in FF5 is beyond puzzling; and as to why...? ...that's simply a waste of my processing continuum! Time saving features like these are best to have and not need, not not need and too no alternative either. And to assume development is again, simply somewhat of a not-called-development development project. Yes, ... hmmm ... that is difficult to get around.

Either way, I'd like to request this feature, please:

Open New Tab - Button

I'd learn and make myself if I wasn't so busy. Besides, this project seems on track.

Something So Simple
Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

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What the add-on needs is a "Brightness adjustment slider button" like the following, for example.
Is it difficult to create?
Thank you for information sharing, it useful to me.

Well, great work! You have helped me to improve my knowledge about this field. Thank you so much for sharing.

About my suggestion for a 'back' button for Thunderbird tabs (which open webpages), you wrote:
Have you looked into a dedicated extension like ThunderBrowse for doing that?

As to your last comment - that is just silly and shows a lack of the meaning of the words. Human, despite the ending, is a gender neutral word. Men (male - though it to can be used in the gender neutral sense), women (female - and only female), humen (both). How hard is that?

First, ThunderBrowse is ok for browsing within Thunderbird, but... as I mentioned, I use WebMail Notifier which sometimes opens webpages in Thunderbird tabs. Actually, I suppose any add-on can be programmed to open a webpage in a Thunderbird tab. Problem is... those add-ons, particularly WebMail Notifier, do NOT open webpages in ThunderBrowse. So... a simple, universal 'Back' button for webpages in tabs, would be useful.

Uhm, second... you 'ranted'? Does that mean I upset you with my silly comment on 'humen'. Yes, I did have a "lack of the meaning of the words"... a lack of -understanding- of the meaning of the, uhm, 'euphemism'... after all, it's not in 'the dictionary'. If it's a little poetic license or humor by you, then sorry for the offense.
Otherwise, no, the meaning is not obvious; it looks like a typo.
The word 'human' has come to imply a being of either gender (although the etymology of the word is from a male perspective), so inventing a plural of a gender neutral word, to refer to both genders, is kind of redundant, yes? Gender neutral means neutral or non-specific... or ...referring to both, any, or all. I'll close with an observation that using 'men' in a gender neutral sense really just fails the other gender (or genders depending on interpretations), and is blithely, uh, gender-ist.
No offense... I'm not a 'politically correct' fetishist. I just thought I'd explain a little since you did include a 'rant'. ;) Sorry! I just took it to be a 'typo' of which I blithely thought I'd make you aware... with some lame humor (huwomen). Now that I've beaten all humor from this, I'll stop, but... 'human' does refer to all genders.

Hope that doesn't affect the suggestion for a 'back' button... but... it's just a suggestion, for a somewhat useful improvement, in the case of HTML rendered tabs in Thunderbird, which lacks a 'back' button. I'll let this go now... 'cause I've given up on the idea of recalling the previous page in tabs -not- opened by ThunderBrowse. Peace. Adios.
The latest firefox (6.0.1) is compatible with windows xp (windows 2000 may work) and up
if you are running a old Debian/Dabian based version of linux add the mozilla ppa
firefox -
thunderbird -
as for mac it is OS X 10.5 and up
I just discovered the Colors button in the Thunderbird list! Many thanks! That's exactly what I needed, since in my system I've been using white on navy colors and some html messages are difficult to read as they are. Much better than the html button. They should have this option in the View menu too.

Now, it would be nice if there was a companion fonts color, to change the fonts of a message to monospace font, without changing the message otherwise. Sometimes, when I read a long message, having such a button would make reading easier.

Also, it would be nice to have a Download/Sync Now.... It would be even better if there was one that sidesteps the Manager dialog, and assumes that you don't want to change anything in there.

I would also like to see some new button design for the Full Screen and the History buttons in Firefox. Since the background of my toolbars is dark, I can hardly discern them. What I have done is use separators to delimit them, so I can see that there is a button there, and of course I remember their location, but it would be better to see them too.

A thousand thanks again for the Colors button!

there is no need for a "new tab" button as this is on your tab bar by default
I second Frederic Wong: A Facebook button would be great.

Love the extension, keep up the good work!
there is a link maker for a reason
free facebook mutton for you

may need to force install and over ride max version
On 5 March there was news in this thread that the Search-Go button is ready. Unfortunately, I still have not found it in the Custom Toolbar Button Maker. I would be very grateful if it appeared there so I could add it to my Firefox. Thanks!

I would like to know if it is possible to make a Toggle Addon Bar custom button for FF4+ (FF7 actually).
Unfortunately the Toggle Status Bar custom button that your Custom Button Maker provides, is not working. :(
thank you in advance.
that button is working in the pre-release
the custom version is not upto date i can compile a version for you if you list the buttons you want
Please add a New Tab button for the Firefox toolbar.

The builtin New Tab button on the *tab bar* is not as
convenient or useful as the New tab button on the toolbar.

On reason is because the tab bar New Tab button's placement
on the tab bar varies based upon how many open tabs there
are. And, it loses locality of reference when I have to
move my mouse all the way over to the right to click it,
my main mouse clicking activity reference points are the
top but especially the top right. Why can't I have a tool
bar button for New Tab and put it where I want it? I feel
slightly annoyed having to make my eyes hunt for the new
tab button on tab bar, when you only keep 2-5 tabs open,
the tab bar New Tab button can jump around a lot.

With a new Tab button on the toolbar, I can place this button
in the location of my choosing, and it stays there, and I can
show text with it, so that newbies and my grandmother can
immediately know what the button is for. And because it's on
the toolbar, they know the button will never move regardless
of how many tabs they open, a boon to low light or poor eye
sight users who use location memory for their pointing the
mouse to the right spot. And I can make the New Tab button
on the toolbar big, unlike the smallish builtin tab bar button.

In short, there is no reason not to provide a New Tab button
on the toolbar. Different people like their browser to work
in different ways, why can't there be choice?

Please add a New Tab button for the toolbar. I see lots of
requests for it, but it seems to be ignored in favor of the
builtin tab bar New Tab button, which works differently, has
a different personality of use, and doesn't fulfill my needs
like the classic toolbar New Tab button does.

With TMP I hide the tab bar's New Tab button, then I installed
your add-on for the sole hopeful purpose of getting a New Tab
button back in the toolbar. No such luck. But FF had it before,
so I am baffled why you can't see that some long time FF users
would enjoy the return of this button.

Please give us choice. Please add a New Tab button.

Thank you.
the stock new tab button cam be moved like any other button try it some time
Thunderbird: not a new button, but fix/extension for the current "HTML mode" that toggles between HTML, simple and text mode. There's a new fourth option now in TB - View > Message Body as > All Body Parts which hopefully could be added to the existing button :-) I for one would be happy about it.
This should be fixed in the pre-release
Would love to see a button for about:memory
and perhaps even the 3 memory management buttons at the bottom of that page =]

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