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I have always loved the smiley from smiley central but have heard the site is LOADED with garbage that is next to impossible to clean off of your computer. It is part of IE7 I believe because I see it on a lot of toolbars if friends that use IE7, windows live, or whatever is part of the windows stuff....

Why doesn't firefox have or promote a clean smiley Add On to use for email, or chatting?

OR..... maybe I am just a complete idiot and it has been right there under my nose! either way I am strong enough to hear the truth so bring it.............

thanks a million! ;-) (my sucky version of the "smiley")

ps... I just noticed the option to never show smilies at the bottom, okay, what am I missing here???
I don't think it is part of IE7 since it is not on my dads computer, not that he uses IE7 just has it installed ;).

The similes you see on this forum is because the forum software searches for some strings and replaces it with an image, nothing to do with Fx. I added a few of my own like :censored: Thunderbird will also change some bits of text to smiles, but the other person might not see them as images.

But no there is no toolbar for doing it in a way that will work so that others can see the images. The reason being the images need to be on someones web server so they are accessible by anyone, not just people with the toolbar installed. For this you need lots of bandwidth . I think I have enough though (50% share in a dedicated server) and want to try to do it. Just need to find the icons (there is the issue of copyright) and then the time to write it.

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