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First thanks for whats probably the most useful addon I've used to date. In the available buttons, I cant find the 'find' button. The 'find again' and 'find previous' are there, just not the main find button. I've tried to make my own buttons toolbar and selected the find button, but it still doesnt show up.

Once again thanks for your great work on this addon.

It should be about 2 rows up from the all the bookmark buttons. They use bright yellow starts and are easy to spot. Can you please look again? Normally I find that with so many buttons it is just you have over looked it.

Else it might be a conflict with another extension, you could try disabling them and seeing if that changes anything. It you can identify the extension I will attempt to resolve the conflict.

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Sorry my mistake, you are right, its there. It wasnt showing up because I had placed it in the All-in-one Sidebar which I hardly use. ;)

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