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I installed your Minimize to Tray Enhancer (M2TE) two days ago thinking that it would be a really handy little Firefox add-on.

I've installed any number of add-ons to Fox3, including other Codefisher extensions, and almost never have any problems with them.

When I installed M2TE, the add-on only worked half-way. Windows did open Fox3 for me, but it was not minimized to the tray. I checked the Options panel, and, yes, I'd ticked the box to minimize.

When I saw the M2TE wasn't working for me, I just assumed that it was conflicting with some other add-on I'd installed. So, for the short term, I disabled M2TE. I figured I could fool with it later.

But disabling M2TE didn't seem to work! Each time I restarted Windows, Firefox was opened for me. This was kind of worrisome, so I went ahead and uninstalled M2TE.

But I'm *still* getting Firefox opened when I start up Windows! I checked, and Minimize to Tray Enhancer is gone from my Add-ons listing. I even checked in my Windows Startup panel to see if Fox3 might have been put there, but it wasn't.

Does anybody have any suggestions for me as to what might be wrong?

Thanks for your time,

If you want to turn if off you can either reinstall/renable the extension and uncheck it. Or go Start then run and type msconfig and there should be a tab called start up or something (can't remember long time since I had to use windows) and there should be an entry for Firefox.

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