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Toolbar button maker 5.0.1

1. Is the TBM always based on the latest version of Toolbar buttons ?

2. It would be very helpful to be able to do a check in Mozilla application,
which buttons of all installed are comming from TB/TBM.
Which are available because TB is installed, which are not from TB
because the Firefox own or comming from installed extensions.

3. Or as an alternative to it would be very helpful while building
the customized buttons using TBM to have the possibility to store
the list of built buttons in a file. Just for the case, some newer version of TBM
appears and one want rebuild the buttons.
1. Yes, on the latest stable (non beta) release.

2. I don't recommend installing any of the custom buttons if TB is installed (it does not achieve anything). The list of which buttons it has should be in the buttons description (check the add-ons window).

3. The extensions created by TBM should update them selves (same way as most add-ons do) when I release a new version.

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