Greetings all. I'm a big fan of CodeFisher's toolbar buttons. In fact, there are 2 buttons that I really can't function without - The two Bookmark buttons.
Anyway, my problem started about a year ago. I've been using this extensions for probably 2 years or more. But I've had to reinstall Firefox a few times, and after doing so I reinstalled the toolbar buttons and they were not all there. We're talking about my homegrown desktop. My laptop, which I've had for a year, has never had missing buttons.
I've uninstalled the extension, reinstalled. No help. I've created a new profile, no help. I've uninstalled ALL of my extensions and reinstalled, no help.

I'd appreciate ANY help here. I've not had any problems with other extensions, but I don't use that many. I think I have 10 installed. I'm running Win 10 Pro 64bit on my desktop and my laptop.

Please give me any suggestions. Of course I prefer to work on my desktop, and it's the one with the problem.