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I am using Firefox Today (07/28/08) Mozilla advised there was an update for this version.

So, naturally, I installed it.

Only then I found that ALL my extensions - including the toolbar buttons extension - were completely hosed.

I uninstalled all of them and then tried to install this particular extension only to be advised there was an error (-203) that the extension could not be installed.

I tried the other extensions I had and got the same message.

So, I had Firefox 2.0's installation file handy. I uninstalled and I installed 2.0. Then I updated it to (on the premise that today's update downloaded corrupt). Then I tried once again to install the toolbar buttons and got the same result.

I should mention I did install 3.0 when it came out, but quickly uninstalled it when I found that it hosed all of my extensions and NO updated versions were available for them.

So is there a solution or is Mozilla trying to opt out of some or even all of the old extensions for 2.0.x.x.x? and trying to push people into installing 3.0?

Solutions or opinions anyone?
Most extensions have been update for Firefox 3 that are going to be done quickly. So you might what to try that again, or even disable compatibility checking to see if that helps.

As to the problem of not installing and giving the -203 error. That is sometimes your security software. See what happens when your anti virus or firewall is disabled.

I think Firefox 2 will be supported longer than normal actually as Firefox 3 will not install on many older OS's like Windows 98 and Mozilla will want to keep those users as long as it can.

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