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There are now images with tag srcset . These show up even if all images are blocked. A good example, what that means, is the Firefox site in Wikipedia.
There is the new pref permissions.default.imageset, which works at least in the current SeaMonkey, with the same settings as permissions.default.image.

An UI for toggling permissions.default.imageset is missing, but could you modify the image-toggle button, that the new pref is toggled as well?
I just tried adding everywhere in browser.jsm, suite_browser.jsm and browser.js lines with 'permissions.default.imageset' to the lines with 'permissions.default.image' and it seems to work toggling both prefs.

One issue remains here,though: it also toggles different values just around. So either you find another solution at all, or there should be code, which sets permissions.default.imageset to the same value as permissions.default.image.
I will keep and eye on this, but I would want to see how that bug goes before I start adding to the extension to work around it.

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You are right, but there isn't anything going on, although it can be a security issue to get images without knowing of. That's why I thought, if the button solution could be the best and easiest solution for now.
Seems there is no intention around to merge the two permissions into one, so most likely your button will have to toggle both, finally.
The image bug is fixed in gecko 48, but will not be backported apparently.

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