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If you're interesting in fixing a PaleMoon issue, the latest ToolBarButtons appears to be in conflict with PlainOldFavorites.
Disabling PlainOldFavorites fixes the problem (which I don't want to do) as does reverting back to ToolBarButtons

When the customize toolbar option is enabled and ToolBarButtons is installed, it looks like this (as I've configured it):
Customize toolbar option enabled:

After upgrading to ToolBarButtons to version 1.1.1, some erroneous text items appear on the menu bar (they seem related to PlainOldFavorites but there's no way to remove them).
Customize toolbar option enabled:
Customize toolbar option disabled:

I'm running PaleMoon 25.5.9 on XP.


I had a similar report for Firefox, just they could not tell me, and I had not worked out what extension was the cause of the conflict. Now I know, I should be able to fix this easier.

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Yes, I'd just returned to report I've been playing with add-ons for Firefox and discovered the same issue. Once again either disabling PlainOldFavorites or reverting back to ToolBarButtons fixes it.

Thanks for a very useful add-on!


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