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Thanks so much for your work on this add-on. I came across a bug in two buttons and thought you might want to know:

I'm using Firefox 31.4.0 ESR.

"about:cache memory" loads the address "about:cache?storage=memory". Firefox displays the about:cache page, and not the page which displays a list of memory cache items. I believe the correct address is "about:cache?device=memory".

"about:cache disk" behaves similarly, loading "about:cache?storage=disk" instead of "about:cache?device=disk".

I hope that helps, and thanks again!

I don't know when, but in some recent version of Firefox (I have 35.0.1) it was changed from about:cache?device=memory to about:cache?storage=memory. So the buttons are correct, at least in the latest versions.

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