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Couple of items/questions on this extension.

1. It wasn't clear to me that downloading this extension would automatically install it in FireFox (with no notification) . After the install Firefox crashed and would not restart at all until after the system was rebooted (thankfully). Information about the problem was sent back to Mozilla automatically via the Talkback extension

2. I'm not sure that I want or need this extension for FF but would like to install it in T-bird. But, in the event I do not want it in FF can it be uninstalled in FF and still work in TB? How do I install it in TB?

3. Do I need the Toolbars extension too for this to work?

FF release is

TB release is with Lightning (0.8) and ReminderFox (1.7.2) Add-ons.

OS is Windows/XP SP3


I should have looked at the other posting before I entered mine and I would have seen that this add-on is not compatible with TBird so please ignore questions 2&3. The only issue at this point is the is the FF crash and forced reboot to get it (both FF and the add-on) to work after the installation.
What version of the extension did you install? I have to ask because the version on is a number of releases behind the current on my site.

Just in general with an extension, if you clink the link and the install window comes up, it will install in Firefox. You need to right click the link, press "Save Link As..." and then open the file in Thunderbird from where ever you saved it to. It is impossible to install an extension with no notification, just you might not have fully understood what was going on.

I did have problem with Firefox 2 when installing a new extension it would crash, regardless of what extension I installed. If it is not still crashing Firefox, I would suspect something to do with Firefox's extension installation system.

I don't have Firefox 2 handy right now, I have been using Firefox 3 for a few weeks now.

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