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Just updated to T/B 10.0.1 and Toolbar Buttons V1.0 is stated to be incompatible. I have previously amended the rdf file to show maxversion to be 9.9 and it has kept Toolbar Buttons working fine up till now. Just edited it to show maxversion 19.9 but it still does not work. Anyone any idea? Has the extra digit from 9.9 to 19.9 upset the syntax of the file or is caused by something else.

Any help appreciated as T/B is nowhere near as good without this extension.
use the pre-release in that forum
Hi az

Many thanks for the info. Back to normal now. This add-in is the only one I use in T/B and I would be lost without it.

Looked at this and it seems that the file installs.rdf is no longer required. I just changed its name and everything continued to work. If so this is a big improvement as the maxversion parameter restricted many users in installing and using this excellent Add-on because firstly it would not install if the version was later that that in the file and secondly it made updated versions of T/B cease to work unless you were aware of how to change the parameter.

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I too have changed the version number and kept using it. However, since upgrading to TB 10.0 the Spelling button is greyed out.

I have now installed the pre-release version, but the Spelling button is still greyed out.

Any suggestions?
There is a spelling button!?
What does it look like?
i can't fix what i can't find...
When you write a message or reply to another email then customize the toolbar. The spelling icon is the first one on the second row. The icon looks like a V-mark with ABC and the text "Spelling".
that appears to be a button native to thunderbird and is not part of this addon

it works for me Thunderbird 10; and the pre-release i liked you try disabling some other addons and see if it works then
Hi Dempsey

The only icon with Abc on it is the "Change Dictionary" one and will probably be greyed out unless you have more than one dictionary installed. Also try going to Add-ons and updating them. I know that when I update T/B the dictionary is often disabled for some reason until I update the add-on using the update add -on button at the top mid-right. Maybe T/B greys it out unless there is an active dictionary.
Hi Robert

That is strange. I have checked again and can't find one. I disabled spell checking in the options and also Toolbar Buttons to restore the defaults and still can't find it anywhere.
Hi Rusty

Not on my install it isn't. I have again looked for it and it just is not there. Are you in Toolbar Buttons or just plain old T/B. Do you have a dictionary loaded. have you set spelling to action whilst composing or after completing composition.

So, for someone using TBird 10.0.2, WHAT does one have to do to make Toolbar Buttons work?

Thanks in advance for anyone with suggestions..
use the pre-replase there is a sticky in this forum
Hi Maurice

Use the pre release version at

It works perfectly for me.
Hi, it's a very long time that a new version of toolbar button is not released.
The last version (1.0) has been released more than a year ago (1, February 2011) and support Tunderbird till the version 3.1 alpha (now we arrived to the version 10.2, 11.0 in few days).
Why there's not an official version of the extension that support Thunderbird 10.x (11.x), is this extension not longer developed?

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