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I've been using TBB since version .5.

I have come to notice that the google button will most of the time focus the cursor in the address bar and any text typed will be appended to the google url and not entered into the google search field. A mouse click in the search field will focus the cursor where it's supposed to be. However, sometimes the cursor will focus correctly making this situation quite frustrating.

I'm pretty sure this began with Firefox 8. I observe this same behavior on two systems running FF8 under XPsp3x86 on one and Win7sp1x64 on the other and including PaleMoon8 on the latter. It's my suspicion that the google button no longer functions correctly in the latest Mozilla build.

Firefox 8.0, Haller's version, Mozilla build config d03b51a9b2bd
Pale Moon 8.0-x64, portable version, Mozilla build 04778346a3b0

Thank you.
which tbb version are you using the pre-release in the sticky?
Hi. I'm not familiar with a pre-release or the sticky. I'm using the version that's installed when one clicks on the green "Add to Firefox" button on the Toolbar Buttons 1.0 page at addons dot mozilla dot org and described as "Version 1.0 Released February 1, 2011 354.3 KB Works with Sunbird 1.0pre - 1.0pre, Firefox 3.0 - 9.*, Thunderbird 3.0a1pre - 3.3a2pre" under the "version Information" heading. Hope that helps. Cheers.
this is the sticky:
there is a download link there

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