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This is the latest version I have set it to allow installation through Firefox/Thunderbird 7 and it includes beta/alpha buttons
This is per-release software intended for testing purposes so please report any bugs in here you find (if anything goes wrong and you loose data or something it is on you)
This version contains some buttons that may or may not be ready for release and may contain bugs as well as buttons that may not pass Mozilla's requirements for addons
This is a un-official releases i figure i may as well get some bug reports for him since he is busy with school
**icons may not be final

Michael has not approved the following buttons for release in 1.0.1b3
Clear Tab
Data URI Generator
Clear Cache
Cookie Manager
History Menu (Michael this button has the wrong ID *hint hint*)
Notepad (Save does not work with NoScript)
Address Go
Show All History
Toggle Pipelining
Email Headers
Page Media
Search Go
Copy Tab
Open in Conversation
Password Manager

Toolbar Buttons 1.0.1 Beta 3 Prerelease 4 Download by installing you take sole responsibility for anything that goes wrong

The first run popup/tab opens release notes for the wrong version (0.5.something)
HTML mode button has a issue on Thunderbird 8 - patched in pre-release 2
There are 2 full screen buttons, one is stock in Firefox (course of action? delete/replace/ignore)

Large icon option for addons bar

Change Log:
Toolbar Buttons 1.0.1 Beta 3 Prerelease 1
--Changed max version to allow install in to Firefox 8
Toolbar Buttons 1.0.1 Beta 3 Prerelease 2
--Patch for toggle html mode button in Thunderbird
Toolbar Buttons 1.0.1 Beta 3 Prerelease 3
--Added password manager button
Toolbar Buttons 1.0.1 Beta 3 Prerelease 4
--Fixed issue with middle click password manager/cookie manager buttons
--Fixed (or improved) something minor no idea what it was, it was months ago (I think)
--Base64 converter no longer gives error with unknown file types
Can't download, because i've set some restrictions. Would it be possible to upload the file to /download/beta?
Is it also working in SeaMonkey?
Only Michael has access to do that I am just a forum admin. sorry
Not sure with Sea Monkey you may need to override the max version currently set at 2.1b3
You can download the file and save it to a usb drive on another computer and drag/drop it into firefox
Just changed the max version so it will install in ff8 *points at download link in post 1*
Post has been admin edited for spam so the rest of this post may just be to trick the spam filter

Hi there.
Firefox has failed me, so I can't download these buttons.
Can you help me, please?
FWIW, reading the code in messenger.js I still see this bug:

in Toolbar Buttons 1.0.1 Beta 3 Prerelease 1.
I do plan to fix that but i will drop Thunderbird 7 support and below
i am waiting on a ppa update so i am still using tb 7 the button looks like it supports based on included images

i will update it for that when i can get thunderbird 8 via the thunderbird-stable ppa
it is pending due to a update issue on ubuntu 12.04 (still under development)
probably the one time thing that disable 3ed party addons by default
Is there an equivalent that is compatible with Thunderbird 3.1.16 ?
I tried Tb 8 (on Windows XP Home SP3), it could not open a window, so I went back to version 3.
I am particularly interested by the button to show the headers.
try to open thunderbird like this
start run 'thunderbird -safe-mode'
if that does not get it you can reset thunderbird to its default the uninstaller for tb gives this as a option (remove setting/data or something like that)
Seems to be that "create a short URL" button doesn't work.

When pressed it usually changed original URL address to be shorter using "" web service (which is unaccessible).
Since then, when that button is pressed, it just opens its dropdown menu.

Do you think is possible to fix this problem? (probably using another web service like tinyurl, etc)...
...or at least, do you think is possible to add a "custom service" in order to avoid similar problems in the future?

Thank you so much!

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possible yes, however i do not plan on doing this, also there is a tinyurl button addon on
Well, AZ, you explain how to start in safe mode, just after I said that this toolbar is not compatible with Thunderbird 3.1.16, so I have a little difficulty to understand :)
the pre-release supports tb 8

Any news on a FF9 build??

is the current version i have posted not compatible?
I'm so glad I found your pre-release. It does work with FF9.0. (I haven't used it long enough to notice any problems.) I'm wondering: Could you add the link to your pre-release version to the "About this Add-On" section of the FF page for your add-on? Seeing that pre-release link would have definitely saved me some time searching your forum, and may save some other people too. Thanks for all your work!
sorry, i do not have access to that page only I am only a admin on the forums

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