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Ok, that sounds really odd. I will look into it soon. Hopefully it is just simple simple error of the wrong variable being passed around. I will admit, been so busy trying to catch up with everything I have not had time to fully test everything.

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Hello. It's good to see you back. :)

Am using Pale Moon 27.5.1, Windows 7 x86.

The Custom Button Maker isn't customizing - It ignored the buttons I picked and installed the full button pack instead (v1.1.1), putting them directly on the toolbar (never in the customize palette), along with seven new toolbars and a button menu, regardless whether those options were selected.

Having seen your recent post that the Button Maker would, among others, target Pale Moon, I thought to try it. So I attempted to make an xpi for the three profile-related buttons: "Create Profile *"; "Profile"; and "Switch Profile... *" and have them go into the customize palette when installed (not directly to the main toolbar).

Here were the steps:

- Navigated to]Custom Button Maker

- Filtered on 'profile', ticked off the three buttons.

- Deselected:
"Automatically add buttons to main toolbar."

- Selected:
"Offer for download instead of installing."
"Create toolbars for selected buttons."
"Create a menu of selected buttons."

- Clicked "Update" - This reset/wiped out all my selections.

- So made the selections again, but this time did not click "Update".

A file was offered for download, but as said above it was for the full pack, and when installed manually all those buttons appeared directly on the toolbar.

Tried again with "Offer for download instead of installing" deselected. The pack did install directly, but with otherwise same results.

Tried again after deselecting: "Create toolbars for selected buttons" and "Create a menu of selected buttons."
But the button menu and toolbars were still created, so those settings were ignored.

Also tried with a few different random buttons chosen, but results were always the same.

I hope it will be possible to get the Custom Button Maker working with Pale Moon.
Thank you in advance for looking into it.