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I would like for the entry in the View -> Toolbars menu to be changed to allow easy selection through a letter (F preferably) because at the moment the entry uses T but that is superseded by the Tabs bar. So any letter that is unused would be great but I think F would fit best.
Hey is there any way to make this compatible with CKE?
Hello, I use this extension for having my own personal 'stock replies' and it's been a lightly used by VERY helpful add-on. To that end, here are my requests:

1. Ability to sort or drag-n-drop the stock replies into the order that I want.
2. Clickable icon that I can put onto a toolbar that will open up the editor
3. A version history so I can see what's changed from one version to another. (If there is one somewhere, I couldn't find it, please point me in the right direction.)

Thanks for the useful extension. :)
Unlikely, I don't have time to work in this extension right now.

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Please, adds suport for <abbr title=""></abbr>