Text Formatting Toolbar 0.1.4

Toolbar for formatting text in BBcode, HTML or Wiki code

The 0.1.4 is the next major release of the Text Formatting Toolbar. It has some great new features. One is the Composer that allows you to create and save a post in an easy to use interface. The post can then be pasted into a text box on a web page by right-clicking and using the Composed Posts sub menu. There is also a new feature that allows for the creation of custom buttons so you can use formatting tags that maybe the unique to the forums you use.

Version 0.1.4

  • Added a new feature that allowed the user to create there own formatting buttons.
  • Added a new feature for creating posts/canned replies offline.
  • Added hot keys for all the formatting commands (any requests on changes/improving the combinations are welcome).
  • Changed all the icons to those created by me for the Pastel SVG Icon set.
  • Fixed the italics button in wiki code to now use ''italics'' not the HTML code.
  • Fixed the list formatting in the wiki code format. It always gave the wrong code.
  • New Toolbar Button to toggle the toolbar, plus the key short cut Ctrl+F
  • New option to control where the cursor goes after text has been inserted.
  • New option use use wiki heading tags instead of font size tags.
  • New option to use systematic HTML ( <em>, <del>, <strong> tags)
  • Automatically disables itself when pressing a button would no nothing useful

There are several things that I am looking for feed back on, such as the hot keys/key short cuts. There is a post on the forum about this.

Features that missed out

In future released the features that I want to add are.

  • Rich-text editing for any textarea on any web page.
  • An editable preview pane in the Composer window.
  • Converting between formats
  • Auto hiding the toolbar when disabled or based on user defined URL matching.
  • Easy way of importing/exporting the composed posts.