Text Format Toolbar Color Picker

The color picker

The text formatting toolbar as of version 0.1.2 has a color picker in it that allows to the choosing of over 16 million colors. To help you use it, the following is a full explanation of its features.

The menu

Screen Shot of the Format Toolbar Color Button

You can see in the first screen shot that there are 50 pre-chosen colors. Below this is a white space. And then the "Get More colors..." menu item. Now the empty looking white space is where your last 10 custom colors are kept. By default all ten are white. But after choosing one from the Color Picker this soon changes.

Screen Shot of the Format Toolbar Color menu with custom colors

The extension acutely stores the last 20 colors you have chosen, more on why 20 and not 10 later. When you chose a new color what happens is all the colors are shifted over one space, and then the new color is added. The last color being drooped out, if you picked more than 10 you lose the oldest color. So after picking a numbers of colors it looks like the second screen shot, except with out the red line.

The color picker

On the right of the image is a grid of 70 colors, that serve as a quick starting point for getting something close to the color you want. You can then refine your choice on the other side of the color picker. And don't forget the bar below the "rainbow box" to set how dark or light the color is.

There is also the custom color box, this is where your last 20 colors you picked are kept. So don't worry if you color falls off the menu, it can still be gotten back. It is as simple as point and click.

There is also a number of boxes for copying in colors from other programs, but explaining how to use them is out side the scope of this page.