The various extensions that exist on Codefisher.org with a little blurb about each. Most are under the GNU license.

Toolbar Buttons

Codefisher.org's leading extension. It contains almost 200 buttons for Firefox, Thunderbird & Sunbird. With its large range of functionality it contains something for everyone. To find out what it has for you check the Button List

Custom Toolbar Buttons

Not an extension of itself, but a point an click styled tool for creating extensions derived from Toolbar Buttons, with only the buttons desired.

Custom Link Buttons

Again not an extension in and of itself, but again a tool for creating them. This time buttons that open links to any desired web page.

Text Formatting Toolbar

The Text Formatting Toolbar contains a set of buttons that can be used for format input on most web forums, blogs and wikis with out having to memorize all the code your self.

MinimizeToTray Plus

Enables the minimizing of an application window to the tray. It supports a number of extra features such as loading the applcation at start up, always showing the icon and more.

TB Custom Toolbar

An extension that adds the "Create Toolbar" button from the Firefox's customize toolbar window to Thunderbird.

Extra Format Buttons

Adds a few extra format Buttons to Thunderbird's Compose window.

Send Page via Email

Send Page via Email is intended to download a current page and open your email client with the page as an attachment.

AdSense Earnings

An extension that downloads information about how much you have earned with AdSense and displays the information. It is not being actively maintained, though it may be updated in the future.

Codefisher Text Editor

Abandoned extension that was meant to be a text editor with in Firefox. Time permitting it may become actively developed again.

Version Compare

Version Compare opens a single window that has two text boxes used to check what one of two version numbers is the higher. Will probably not be updated.