The Gray CSS Theme

The Gray Theme

This was on of my very early CSS styles, it was supposed to be imageless. This makes it kind of plain, but still pretty good.

Other Old Site Styles

I been through a few styles on my web site, even if you don't count the various changes I do to each as I go along. Here are some old ones you can have a look at if you want to see some of my work.

Blue-Green theme
This was my first, it used a mix of green and blue colors. Not a great theme
Grey theme
This was a very minimalist design I did using no images. Considering my coding still at the time it was ok. I dropped it after some one said it look as though it was "made from scratch".
Shiny Blue
This was quite a good theme and I used it for some time. I just got sick of seeing it every day.
River Bank
This shared the same fate as Shiny Blue I could not bear to look at it again, and the design limited my menu space that I needed more of.
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