The Meadow Theme

A leaf green template, could be very good for a garden or nature site. You can download it for use on your own site. But you may not remove the copy right link down the bottom. You may remove all other links or ads etc. If you do need help customizing it don't hesitate to Contact me.

And to those that it interests that HTML is valid HTML 4.1 strict. The download also contains a XHTML 1.1 strict file, but for various reasons such as the lack of the full support of XHTML I strongly recommend you use the HTML file. The only real difference between the two is some tags have been closed.

Other Designs

This is a dark skin I made, it is meant for those that prefer a dark look.
An blue and red theme, just like the colors you get when the sun sets. Very clean looking style.
Sorry to all the men that see this, it was not meant for you. This is a very feminine style, featuring a pink rose.
Black and white theme with blue highlights.
A clean theme with subtle shadows and wine red links.
A green nature inspired theme.