Codefisher - Text Editor


This extension is no longer under active development.

Codefisher* is a text editor. I am developing it as an add-on for Firefox and also as an XULrunner application ( Firefox 3 will run on XULrunner ).

ATTENTION: Codefisher is under development. I don't recommend you install Codefisher at this stage. And most of what is on this web site it talking about future versions of Codefisher that have not been released.


Download Codefisher 0.1a

See Downloads for a list of older versions. Or Translations for a list of possible languages you can install Codefisher for.


Codefisher is packed with an array of features that include_once.

Thanks to...

I would like to thank all the people that have helped me with this add-on. Especially

It used to be called Testo, but I changed the name on request of the owners of the trademark